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About us & Plans

About Us

Pakistan Chemist and Druggists Association is a sole representative body of thousands of members of Pharmaceutical Trade, Importers, Exporters, whole sellers, retailers and manufacturer’s including surgical and devices importers of Pakistan, duly recognized body, established since 1961 under repealed trade organization Ordinance 1961 and now licensed by Ministry of Commerce under trade organization Ordinance, 2013 and member of this Associations are major stake holders in the public health care and member of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI).

Our Future Plans

(indicating both long and short term targets)

Proposed Plan of Activities

(Long & Short Term Activities)

We are furnishing below the three Years short term and long term activities (proposed) of the Pakistan Chemists & Druggists Association (PCDA):

Short term activities

  • Meeting with Diplomats
  • Meeting with Consulate Generals
  • Meeting with Government Officials
  • Meeting with Representatives of International Organizations
  • Executive Committee Meetings
  • General Body Meetings
  • To arrange Conferences
  • To arrange Seminars
  • To arrange training programs
  • Visit of Trade Delegations Abroad
  • To arrange visit of Trade Delegations in Pakistan from abroad
  • To arrange international Fairs & Exhibitions

Long Term activities

  • Dialogue with the Government on Core Economic Issues.
  • Recommendations on formulation of Federal Budget
  • Trade policy
  • Monetary policy
  • Industrial policy
  • Investment policy.
  • Health policy
  • Drug policy
  • To participate and arrange fairs & exhibitions to promote Pakistan exports.
  • To participate in Seminars, Workshops and events organized by various international institutions.
  • Respond to foreign trade and business inquiries.
  • Keep liaison with Multi-National Companies in Pakistan.


  • Effective – government interface for formulation & implementation of pharma oriented policies and operating systems.
  • Efficiently redress pharma industry problems.
  • Promotion of all sectors of pharma business.
  • Promotion of country’s international trade.
  • Promotion of professionalism, good corporate governance and business ethics.
  • Making positive contribution towards development of society.


  • Government policy and regulations management.
  • Pharma business development.
  • International trade promotion.
  • Business information management.
  • Positive image promotion of Pharma business.


  1. Research & development
  2. Accounts & corporate affairs
  3. Human resource management
  4. Administration
  5. Communication
  6. Event management
  7. Public relations & protocol
  8. Record management
  9. Regional offices management


(1) To protect, promote and develop the interest of our members in Pakistan.

(2) To encourage friendship and unanimity amongst persons directly or indirectly concerned with Pharma related business and on all subjects involving their common good.

(3) To consider all questions connected with the Pharma related business and its growth.

(4) To collect and circulate to all concerned relevant facts and information relating to the Pharma related business and their national and international characters.

(5) To suggest legislative and other measures affecting the Pharma related business and their problems.

(6) To encourage settlement of disputes by arbitration between parties willing and agreeing to abide by the judgment and decision of the Association.

(7) To establish just and equitable principles and to maintain uniformity in rules in relation to the said vocation.

(8) To communicate with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other mercantile bodies and Pharma bodies throughout the world and promote measures for the protection of this business.

(9) To define Corporate Vision, Mission, Objectives and Operating Strategy of PCDA so as to serve the best interests of Stake Holders effectively and efficiently.

(10) To organize Human Resource and Operating Systems of PCDA for optimum efficiency.

(11) To make PCDA Pro-active and Members-oriented.

(12) To improve profitability of PCDA.

(13) To improve Corporate Image of PCDA.

Pakistan Chemists & Druggists Association is most vital trade body of Pakistan and playing very important role in the Import, Export and local pharma business and facilitating the Pharma community of Pakistan. The Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan has been registered /incorporated to this Association in 1960-61. PCDA can also be justifiable with its major activities:

To facilitate our members and keep them inform of changes in the national/ international market in respective fields.

  1. To keep close liaison with Ministry of Commerce & Ministry of Health (NHS&RA) to solve the problems of our members.
  2. The Association is already working with Federal Board of Revenue closely for increasing the revenue of Government as well as discouraging/eliminating culture of under-invoicing which is affecting the revenues of the country and hurting the local industry.
  3. To collect price information from different sources and countries and provide the same to the Customs authorities for fair assessment of duties and elimination of under-invoicing.
  4. To collect data of import and export of 25 top economies of the world and provide the same to the local industry so that they can enter these markets with competitive prices.
  5. PCDA is playing very important role in local sales and importing the goods at most competitive price thus saving precious foreign exchange of Pakistan.
  6. To meet the Diplomats in Karachi and Islamabad for expanding bilateral trade.
  7. To receive Ambassadors of Pakistan designated to foreign countries and give them ideas for promoting Pakistani products in those countries.
  8. To arrange seminars and conferences in Pakistan as well as local fairs of Pakistani and imported products.
  9. To arrange executive meetings to be held from time to time as well as general body meetings at required time.
  10. To send delegations to different countries of the world to attend seminars, conferences, fairs and exhibitions.
  11. Dialogue with the Government on core economic & regulatory issues.
  12. Recommendations on formulation of Federal budget, to give suggestions for Trade Policy, to give suggestions for Industrial Policy, to give suggestions for Environment friendly industry.
  13. To participate in Seminars, Workshops and Events organized by various international institutions.
  14. To keep liaison with multinational companies and corporate houses in Pakistan.

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